all the boyfriends

by betty becky

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released September 13, 2016

all tracks written and recorded by betty becky

betty becky is
kat - guitar and vocals
sarah - bass and vocals
emma - vocals on track 5 and bass on bonus track (available with download)

drum machine by kat
mixed and mastered by sarah



all rights reserved


betty becky Berkeley, California

long live betty becky

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Track Name: telegraph ave
the street corner is alive and
they are looking at me
i'm the show, i'm the showcase
i'm the pretty packaging
that an ugly thing came in
i'm not sure i even care if they know
exactly what i am
i am the bitch that you think i am
you wanna project emptiness inside of me like
i don't have the universe inside of me like
i'm not reflecting on these layers of intersubjectivity like
you're not just looking at me
Track Name: i'm not fuxing you
i have a headache
i'm not fuxing you
i don't feel like it
you’re not cute
i have a boyfriend
no i'm not fuxing you tonight
i don't know you
i know you all too well
i changed my mind
i have a thing tomorrow!
never in a million years
maybe if you hadn't fuxed my best friend
no i'm not fuxing you tonight
until you eat that pussy right!
Track Name: all the bfs
all the boyfriends wanna be in the band
all the boyfriends wanna be in my band
but you can't be in my band
we like to hang out sometimes
and you’re not invited
we like to hang out and i love you
but you’re still not invited
i love you but it's not about you
all the boys they wanna chase us down
no you can't be in my band...
(yr boyfriend is kinda not invited)
no he's actually not invited
tell him i need you too
you’re my muse too
i never see you anymore
we're all worried about you
i understand it's hard
i wouldn't know what to do either
you think he's so smart
you think he's so great
but what is he without you?
girl you’re doing everything
you might as well just date yourself
when you’re doing everything
wish i didn't have to say
i just want you to be ok
(all the boyfriends)
Track Name: don't call me
don't call me
don't text me
we both know i'm too smart for you
you know you’re just wasting my time
i know i don't wanna be yours
and you know i already got mine
you've got too much unlearning to do
i never even think about you
unless you call me
so don't call me
i don't owe you anything
Track Name: short bangs
short bangs
lady gangs
big plaid
hella rad
dyed tips
poppy trips
high waist
resting bitch face
masking tape to fix all of my problems
just enough to fend off boredom
back patch
secret stash
nose studs
kissing buds
blunted haze
cats n' cuties
shake yr booty
penny pinchin'
kitchen witchin'
public transit
swisher sweets
summer heat
sleep all day
gin and tonic
fuzzy logic
i don't think i can drink another tall boy
would you split one with me plz
cute boys
sex toys
house shows
highs and low
second hand
punk bands
girl bands
omg can i be in your band?