betty becky

by betty becky

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released September 13, 2016

all tracks written and recorded by betty becky
girl band interlude includes an excerpt from love is a mixtape by rob sheffield

betty becky is
kat - guitar and vocals
sarah - bass and vocals
emma - piano on track 9, bass on track 2, and vocals



all rights reserved


betty becky Berkeley, California

long live betty becky

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Track Name: getting high (i can't stop)
i can't stop getting high
and i can't make up my mind
i'll never get what's mine
sleeping in all the time
i don't wanna improve myself
i'm good as i am
i don't wanna love myself
that shit's for my man
Track Name: the way that i see it
go ahead and lie to me
i won't believe it either way
like i don't believe your eyes are brown
and i don't believe you'd let me down
despite the last three years
i don't wanna live in dreams
and i dunno what's wrong with me
i know i put too much on you
but i didn't know what else to do
i wanna see it
the way that you see it
i don't wanna ask
but i want you to mean it
the way that i see it
everything about last year was stupid
and everything i learned was useless
like how you drink your morning coffee
your favorite songs how to be lonely
when you’re not alone
i prove you wrong inside my head
and i pretend you're listening
but it's not enough
Track Name: static
maybe when i feel like shit
you feel like a man
when i can't get outta bed
you're so masculine
guess you like when i'm depressed
my weakness makes you strong
you can fuel it with neglect
and string me right along
i'm static and you're thriving on it
i'm static i'm your jumping off point
i'm static you're gone
i believed it when you said
that joy division sux
you don't live here anymore
leaving me in flux
you love all my favorite records
i think i like them too
but it's been 10yrs since we met
and you burned me husker du
Track Name: educate yrselves
we don't wanna have to explain
everything to you
should we be grateful
when you ask us what to do?
why do you have to ask me
for a lesson in basic humanity?
exhausted by your ignorance
what do we get outta this?
educate yourselves
Track Name: anti social
speed me up and slow me down
sometimes i still can't come down
keeping up with all my friends
sometimes i just phone it in
"can't wait to hang out again"
making plans and breaking them
i'd like to be a social girl
but it's too hard and i don't care
maybe next time you're in town
you can crash here on my couch
don't want to see you again
but i'm okay with faking it
days turn into weeks and months
i lose track as we lose touch
Track Name: watered down
you dismiss me out of hand
or willfully misunderstand
you say you loved me all along
like the way you love
your friends back home
you never were my boyfriend
and once i'm gone we won't be friends
nostalgia prone and watered down
you only want me when i'm not around
you're so smart and i'm so clumsy
honestly you hardly know me
but you still make my stomach hurt
you still make me feel like dirt
you only like me watered down
you only want me when i'm not around
so i'll leave town
Track Name: hardly summer
overcast and 50 degrees
you are states away from me
i'm drinking alone watching too much tv
it's the middle of summer
it's been cloudy for weeks
nobody's home & my friends are all busy
i don't wanna get outta bed anyway
this is hardly summer
stuck at home
sipping on my first 40
this is hardly summer
locked away
searching for my early grave
summers past superimposed
i overslept in smokey clothes
say you're doing better now
nothing left to disavow
this is hardly summer
coming up on
easy promise easy prey
this is hardly summer
fingers crossed cashing in at minor loss
my midsummer's come and gone
i watched it pass and i turned my back